Event Rules and Regulations

All persons wishing to register for and participate in the "Battle for Shelburne Crossroads" event must agree to the rules and regulations listed below.

General Rules and Regulations;

1.)     All commanders will be held liable for the actions of their troops and civilians, both on and off the field.

2.)     All reenactors must be in period dress while the event is open to the public.

3.)     No modern items are to be open to public view.   Please help make the event appear to be the 19th century.

4.)     No cars will be allowed in camp after 8 a.m. Saturday until the camps are closed to the public on Sunday.

5.)     Please, NO modern eyeglasses, shoes, cigarettes, wrist watches, or non-period items.  If you must use tobacco, please use 19th century habits when the camp is open to the public, pipes and cigars are appropriate.

6.)     All troops not following orders from their respective commanders and the event host command staff will be asked to leave the event.

7.)     No illegal drugs. If you must use prescription drugs they should be noted in your personal medical form kept on file by your unit commander in case there is an emergency. (See Safety Rules and Regulations #7 below.)

8.)     No excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages will be permitted.

9.)     No playing of recorded music after 10:00 pm on Friday until the camps close to the public on Sunday afternoon.

The organizers reserve the right to eject any individuals who violate these rules, compromise the experience of fellow reenactors or behave in a way that is unsafe for themselves, other reenactors and/or the visiting public.

Safety Rules and Regulations

1.)     Participants under the age of 16 will not be allowed to carry weapons at any time, on or off the field, unless under the supervision of an adult for the purposes of education, drill, and learning to handle weapons responsibly while in the camp setting.

2.)     No unscripted hand-to-hand combat will be allowed.

3.)     Ramrods are not to be used at any time during the battle.

4.)     Bayonet scabbards must have closed tips.

5.)     No handguns carried by infantry privates.

6.)     For the safety of the general public, participants and the horses on site, all dogs must be on a leash.  It is requested that dog owners police/pick up after their own dogs while on the property.

7.)     In case of a medical emergency, it is required that each unit maintain emergency contact information for their members as well as any pertinent information (allergies, medications, etc) that will be needed to share with responding EMTís. If you need a medical form, please feel free to borrow ours HERE.

We are guests at Shelburne Crossroads, please be respectful of the owners and the site!